IFUR collaborates in the First Day of Psychology applied to the Accident and Emergency 25 to September 27, 2015. Subscribe to IFUR and will have a 40% discount

IFUR In SEXTA TV News 1 reporting CIEZA fire him in the Canyon area Almadenes 08/06/2015 LA SEXTA TV Noticias

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  • Documentation and registration
  • signage
  • Certification Cardioseguro Space
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Enjoys them of the latest developments of the Editorial IFUR in Emergency, Disaster Emerências and you can also see them on Amazon or Kindle AMAZON and KDL  or  IFUR
IFUR is distributor of Swedish products. We all like to look and feel good, but sometimes we focus more on ourselves well, instead of feeling good. It is for this reason that has made it his mission Suecos® take the best of both worlds, design and comfort. Most of us do not give our feet the love and attention they deserve.
Clog SBS polymeric material monocoque, anatomical, antistatic and anti-slip. Suitable for machine washing and sterilized up to 140 ° C and up to 30 minutes, anatomical with folding rear belt between the heel and the shovel, perforated on the sides to facilitate perspiration, cleaning and avoid direct penetration into the shoes of liquids or fluid plant with micro points of massage to stimulate blood circulation. Regulations: UL, Directive 89/686 / EEC. Category I. electrostatic dissipative footwear Environmental Class 3 (UNE-EN 61340-4-3: 2005)

IFUR already has your custom for iPhone, Get Them and do not run them covers. The money raised from their sale will go towards the purchase of defibrillators for football fields. Contribute!

IFUR becomes distributor of products and Élitebags Bags Military Elite, a leading company specializing in the design and manufacture of bags and briefcases for professional medical and emergency sector. They offer a variety of products that perfectly meet the needs of transport of material. We can also customize briefcases, backpacks or bags with your company logo

Murcia received the visit of Ruben Halmans Rotaid Director AED Cabinets, a Dutch company and innovative front row. Produces the best box to contain a defibrillator of any brand. This cabin is the best compared to others in the market, quality assurance seal. Ruben came with the idea of visiting our facilities, strengthen ties of cooperation and development between the two companies. Since IFUR sealed this union work Rotaid endorsing the product as excellent.

More than 150 people attended the ceremony to commission defibrillator Homage to José Parraga yesterday donated facilities Casillas football field. After the second memorial to José Parraga, held last May 24 at the football field of Ranero, the organization of the event honoring the memory of the late donated one seconds defibrillator Murcia sports facilities. Directors of the Football Federation of Murcia, company personnel IFUR, relatives and many friends José Parraga not want to miss an act that saw the fruits of the effort realized. To obtain the necessary resources, the organization held a memorial solidarity football match where veterans Murcia Real Murcia and other players joined the cause. Economic collection was made through the sale of solidarity bracelets for 3 euros, where companies such as IFUR were turned as outlets. Europa Press  -  20 minutos  -  Mesa del Castillo  -  FFRM  -  Youtube

IFUR and Aibe Group signed an agreement to promote training and Cardioseguridad addition to its products. Aibe Group are lawyers, economics, human resources, training, process management, technology and marketing that come from business management and consulting world, with international experience and in different sectors economy

Restaurant staff Huertano Rincón de Murcia is recycled Basic CPR - CPR and Defibrillator management - AED also form in First Aid with IFUR and continued Cardiac Safe Space

IFUR signed a collaboration agreement with Servicoin Training Centre in Tarancon (Cuenca), called School of Fire Fighting and Applied Security develops its training activities since 1992. Since then, over 25,000 students have been able to see up close the effects of fire and have achieved, using similar means of extinguishing his own, control and extinguish fire rather complicated situations. The most important private and public companies have relied on this school for theoretical and practical training of its personnel in fire fighting

Aspanpal get ypur box Rotaid completing his pack Cardiac Safe Space - Cardioseguro

Apanda get your box Rotaid completing his pack Cardiac Safe Space - Cardioseguro

NSCA-UCAM Master program in High Performance Sport Strength and conditioning student form in CPR and AED - Defibrillator management with IFUR, mandatory requirement within the objectives of the education plan NSCA

IFUR and Cardioser sign a cooperation agreement to promote Cardioseguridad and health education, both among professionals, institutions and companies

Tennis Club Torre Pacheco in Murcia recycle their instructors Basic Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation - CPR and use into the semi-automatic defibrillator - DESA, holding for the 2015 Certificate of Cardiac Safe Space Sports - Espacio Cardioseguro

The Mountain urbanization in Hondón de las Nieves in Alicante, becomes Cardiac Safe Space, Espacio Cardioseguro acquiring Philips defibrillator HS1 and Rotaid box that contains it. In the complex reside in its German, Dutch and English majority.
IFUR a year participate in the 2nd Memorial José Parraga - Lord Captain. Our goal this year is to get the maximum number of football fields in the Region of Murcia become Cardiac Safe Space - Espacio Cardioseguro. To do this, bracelets will be on sale for the modest price of 3 €, with which we will try to raise enough money to carry out this project. The match will be May 24, 2015, until them you can get your wristbands at the following locations: Football Federation of the Region of Murcia. Official Shop Real Murcia C.F. Hospital Mesa del Castillo. Fisiomur. Alpemur Recambios Link web José Párraga  Youtube

Women workers in the Asociaciación of Parents of Children with Hearing Disability - APANDA form in CPR and Defibrillator Management AED with IFUR, Cardiac Safe Space protecting partners - Espacio Cardioseguro

IFUR involved with the Red Cross ambulance Sewer in mock plane crash Sewer Air Base in Murcia with the participation of students from the Catholic University San Antonio - UCAM the Master in Management and Coordination of Emergency Systems, turning the drill in Cardiac Safe Space - Espacio Cardioseguro Nota de prensa

IFUR supporting Culture and Music at the Easter Concert 2015 with the best selection of Conductors and Composers and authors of various works, Choral, Chamber, Symphonic orchestra or Band. Among them D. Julian Contreras Toro, D. Antonio J. Hernández Carmona, D. Alonso Díaz Carmona, D. Pedro Alberto Cobo Molina, D. Oscar Fernández Bayona and D. Angel López Carreño (photo) to benefit the Association Parents of Children with Cancer
Our Director of Legal Services IFUR D. Antonio Martinez Mateo, Lawyer and responsible for this important and invaluable work. From IFUR will advise you at all times: Legal services. Personalized legal advice. Specializing in claims for damages, accidents and claims to insurance companies. Peritaciones police. Data Protection, Data Protection Act and LSSICE.
IFUR and Sewer Red Cross jointly carried a research study on the use of the novel masks Breath4life. Used mostly in Basic CPR - CPR and similar situations where ventilation is paramount (PCR / PR) and safely. This research study will be done in street performances in rescue and relief. Funded by IFUR and also has the support of Breath4life, Rotaid and Philips.

IFUR and the Insurer Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia - Murcia RACC sign an agreement to suministar the necessary insurance on Civil Liability in the use of defibrillator - AED and to provide coverage in areas Cardiac Safe Espace

IFUR signed an agreement with the Assembly Local Raceway Spanish Red Cross, which cooperate in various fields, such as training, covering events of all kinds, etc. On Monday January 26 was delivered to the Assembly Local Raceway Spanish Red Cross multiparameter monitor, plus miscellaneous medical supplies which will complement the already available to develop their daily work.
IFUR participate Cardiac Safe Space - Espacio Cardioseguro the II Open Masters Swimming Murcia to be held at the Municipal Pool Mar Menor in Murcia on Saturday, February 7, 2015. Join and do not miss it Win our trophy IFUR!!! More info
IFUR and the University of Murcia sign an agreement to facilitate the integration of students to entrepreneurship and access to work, also has the core of its activity the achievement of academic and scientific excellence. The Center Employment Guidance and Information Transfer belongs to the Vice President, Enterprise and Employment and aim to provide students and graduates access to the labor market. Our commitment to the university community and society, is to provide a dynamic and quality service that meets the needs of students, graduates and businesses. Aware of the importance of our goals, we have prioritized service, good management and continuous improvement interest.
IFUR and the Union of Public Employees - SIME signed a collaboration agreement for the benefit of its employees, affiliates and customers, as well as a cooperation between the two entities.  The Union of Public Employees - SIME is an organization of social workers and progressive character.  His territory is the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, and the professional workers who make up the various authorities present in our region, as well as companies or subsidiaries thereof.  They are implanted in the public sector since 1997. They are a young organization that every day is consolidated with a different, friendly and style close to the person, in trade union activity.  Their commitment is to be useful to public employees, improving their working conditions and defending the Public Service as an element of social redistribution. Boletin SIME
IFUR signed a collaboration agreement for the dissemination of training and certification Cardiac Safe Spaces with the Association of Private Education Centers of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia actions. The Association of Private Education Centers of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia (Murcia-CECE) is an entity that assumes and represents the interests of the holders of private business schools of education. On August 1, 1977 the Association of Schools of Murcia, which in 1981 was renamed the Federation of Private Education Regional de Murcia was founded. From 1997 to present we are CECE-Murcia. In signing the agreement undertake to convert both private and aided schools in Cardiac Safe Space, training teachers and staff responsible for these centers and providing them with the materials necessary. Diario La Verdad de Murcia
IFUR works in the Days of Solidarity Photography "Photography a Better World" to be held at the Artillery Barracks on 14, 15 and 16 November with MasterClass, Movies, Concerts, workshops, round tables, exhibitions, Gymcana Night, Kids Zone, Fair Stands, etc ...  A benefit of the NGO OASIS Fotografía un Mundo Mejor
IFUR joins the fight against Breast Cancer. Join the pink. October pink. Autoexplórate. Today 19of October World Day Against Breast Cancer. Put a pink bow in your life
The UCAM CIARD La Manga Club in Cartagena, Murcia. Get Cardiac Safe Space certificate and get authorization for the use of semi-DESA Philips Hs1 IFUR hand. A High Performance Sports Center in an unbeatable location. UCAM CIARD
This October 12, 2014, next to IFUR Masters Swimming Club Murcia will participate in the International Master Autumn Crossing swim at Cabo de Palos in Murcia, was fast becoming Cardiac Safe Space. "Timoncap" Crossing of 3,180 km in Cape Palos, IFUR always support the sport, and sport IFUR always united.
IFUR signed an agreement with the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia for conducting extracurricular practices in our company that will benefit all students, whether grantees or volunteers. It is a space dedicated to promoting technology transfer between UCAM and the productive sector. More specifically, it is aimed at companies who seek knowledge and technological solutions to innovate. IFUR commitment to research, innovation and development of new professionals, to have more opportunities in the labor incorporation.
IFUR and UPCT - Polytechnic University of Cartagena sign agreement educational cooperation for the realization of academic practices universiatarios associates of students.
The UPCT promotes exchanges of students, information and training facilities, through international agreements, participation in European university programs and other continents, in collaboration with international organizations and participation in networks and groups of universities worldwide. IFUR is one of the most important companies in its sector corporate research. Develop new technologies and investigate potential growth areas in emergencies, emergencies and disasters. Our ontology is that every innovation should be preceded by an understanding of the world around us. To improve the quality of life of citizens, try to find out what their motivations are, the dilemmas they face and how we can contribute in the best way possible.
IFUR was in the presentation of the magazine "A porta gayola" illustrated by artist Alvaro Peña (left), was unanimously praised by reason of all. Various authorities were present, as the Hon. Murcia Mayor Miguel Angel House, Rafael Gomez and D. Joaquín Moya Angeler and closed the round of tributes to grant Montera A Porta Gayola 2014 the Minister of Education and Culture, Pedro Antonio Sánchez (Center). IFUR always supporting culture.
Workshops Macario de Molina de Segura in Murcia becomes the first mechanical workshop Cardiac Safe Space of Spain. The Managing Director of DESA delivers Philips along with Rotaid box. Workshops Macario is a company dedicated to repairing auto body and paint. He has over 50 years in Molina de Segura (Murcia) offering their services. Employees are trained in CPR and Basic handling semi-automatic defibrillator (CPR and AED). This guarantees Certificate Cardiac Safe Space IFUR hand.
The UCAM-NSCA La Manga Club in Murcia becomes Cardiac Safe Space thank IFUR Center. Research Center for High Performance Sports CIARD-UCAM La Manga Club, Biomechanics Laboratory of the Catholic University San Antonio. Our Managing Director delivers Hs1 Philips Defibrillator
IFUR and UCAM Sport Center signed an agreement by which customers and employees can benefit from using the facilities at discounted prices, plus discounts on La Noria Shopping Centre and Aesthetics. UCAM SPORTS CENTER is the first gym directly managed by the Sports Activities Service of San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia. With these facilities, the UCAM increases and consolidates its continued commitment to the sport since its inception. We have a room of 600 square meters with the best equipment in the market, fully designed and adapata for you. You can get fit whatever your experience in the gym, and you'll be advised by qualified staff who will recommend the best workout to strengthen your body. Definitely combine the latest technology, equipment and accessories for more advanced fitness and quality personnel make the best UCAM sports center sports center to develop your physical potential in Murcia.
Restaurant Rincón Huertano de Murcia gets Certificate Cardiac Safe Space IFUR hand, this restaurant has staff trained in First Aid, Basic CPR (CPR) and Defibrillator Management Semi (AED). Located in the heart of the fertile vegetable gardens and orchards, to 4km. Auditorium and Congress Center of Murcia, surrounded by orange, lemon and more than 60.000m2 of terraces, gardens, parks and playgrounds, Murcia Huertano Corner Restaurant is a unique and great for holding all kinds of events. Our Managing Director delivers the Philips Defibrillator at Corner Restaurant Manager Huertano of Murcia, in addition to the box where I keep ROTAID thus becomes the first restaurant Cardiac Safe Space of Murcia. La Verdad de Murcia

IFUR participate in The Relay 2nd ASPANPAL Solidarity, making this Sport Event Cardiac Safe Space . IFUR and sport always united. Courage and your thing in www.apanpal.org or www.ifur.es

Interview with our Managing Director in A Salto de Mata in the newspaper La Verdad to Murcia by Manuel Herrero. Interview on the website of the daily La Verdad to Murcia

IFUR supports gupo communication There is a tiger behind you is a cultural nonprofit that aims to include as partners with professionals of proven solvency, experience and training in their fields of work that holds out the prospect of adding, sharing and grow professionally; is made up of related image consulting, communication, internet and business professionals.

IFUR visit to the set of "Close to You" referral program in TV Channel 8 to discuss the Essence Project 8 interviews so far with many applications to participate. He has been charged with unforgettable moments!! ... IFUR always be indebted to these professionals!

Upcoming courses Instructor for the American Heart Association ACLS and BLS (Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support) in the city of Murcia in the program "Murcia City Cardiac Safe Space" in collaboration with De Murcia Town Hall, Philips and DESA and Rotaid AED Cabinets. IFUR is Authorized AHA Training Center.
Restaurant staff Murcia Rincón Huertano forms in Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and the management of semi-automatic defibrillator (CPR and AED). This certificate guarantees Cardioseguridad IFUR hand. This is the first restaurant in the Región of Murcia cardiac safe sapce be getting and have a staff trained in first aid, in addition to a defibrillator from Philips Hs1 your Rotaid cabin. An exquisite restaurant with unique material.

Physiotherapy clinics in San Javier and Santiago Steps are formed in basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation and in the use of semi-automatic defibrillator (CPR and AED). This certificate guarantees Cardiac safe space IFUR hand.

Workshops Macario is a company dedicated to the repair of automotive sheet metal and puncture. He has over 50 years in Molina de Segura (Murcia) offering their services. They have a qualified team of people each of whom are involved in the different processes that take place after receipt of the subsequent delivery vehicle to the owner once the repair is complete. Workshops Macario is formed in basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation and in the use of semi-automatic defibrillator (CPR and AED). This certificate guarantees Cardiac safe space IFUR hand.
Meet new contacts and business opportunities! On Friday 30 May we have the pleasure to invite you to the 1st Edition Networking Murcia: entrepreneurs in the network. The event aims to be a meeting point for businessmen, entrepreneurs and SMEs where new synergies and business opportunities arise. It will be held in Hotel Spa & Thalassotherapy Lodomar San Pedro del Pinatara 14:00 hours. The price per person is 30 € (includes day networking, buffet lunch and coffee)
The company's Integrated Services S. L. Vigilant will train their workers safety in Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and management of semi-automatic defibrillator (CPR and AED). IFUR as the official provider of external training Vigilant Group SL.
Exhibition of paintings by Harley-Davidson Pinup with the official Harley-Davidson service in Alicante. On the road to Ocaña, 58 Alicante. With Murcia internationally recognized painters Juan Alvarez and Jorge Gomez. Opening on April 5, 2014 at 20:00 pm, until May 3, 2014. More information at: Harley-Davidson Alicante
The Children's School NENES way First Aid With IFUR. Select centers where your children are safe.

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