The Vitaldent clinics form in basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and management of semi-automatic defibrillator (AED). This certificate guarantees Cardiac safe space IFUR hand.

The MIMAS form Infant School in First Aid through IFUR. Centers where your children are safe. In Mimas, know that your children are most important to you. Therefore, we work to take care of as well as in their own homes. Our education is individualized and personalized, taking an interest in the way of being of each child and their patterns of development, understanding that each child is unique with its own personality.

The Yecla Tennis Club becomes Cardiac safe space thank IFUR, training their coaches and teachers in basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and management of semi-automatic defibrillator (AED).

IFUR, FILA 0 collaborator project aimed at raising funds to purchase the maximum number of possible Semiautomatic Defibrillators in order to provide several schools and soccer fields. Will be honored at this event José Parraga, who died a victim of a cardiac arrest while playing a football game. The party on Saturday March 29, 2014 will be played at 18:00 am on the football field Churra Municipal Stadium (Murcia). Admission is free, I hope.  IFUR with sports facilities cardiac safe space Europa Press  -  Entrevista Radio  -  FFRM  -  Mesa del Castillo  -  Youtube
The Doctor specializing in Periodontics Dental Clinic Soldevila Vélez becomes Cardiac Safe Space thank IFUR Center. Located at Santa Catalina in Murcia, is one of the most modern and specialized clinics in your industry. Also now has a defibrillator and all staff trained in CPR, basic cardiopulmonary reaminación and management of semi-automatic defibrillator, EAD

IFUR participate in the Solidarity bathroom on Christmas Eve in Rio Segura 2013, certifying as Sporting Activity Cardiac Safe Space. Participate with a health team composed of doctors, nurses and technical, that bringing a defibrillator to act in case of cardio-respiratory arrest and providing first aid if necessary.

The UCAM-NSCA Sport Center becomes  IFUR Cardio Safe Space center. Research Center for High Performance Sports CIARD-UCAM, Laboratory of Biomechanics of San Antonio Catholic University.

Certifies IFUR 10km as Sports activity cardiosegura Murcia. And to celebrate, to all participants who turn in their dorsal and IFUR prospectus receiving the goal, will apply a 25% discount on any of the courses we offer. IFUR and sport, always together.

IFUR participate in The Relay 1st ASPANPAL Solidarity, making this Sport Event Cardiac Safe Space . IFUR and sport always united. Courage and your thing in o

APANDA, is an Association of Parents of Children with Hearing Impairment whose main desire is to encourage and enhance the participation of deaf people and their families in the Company, in order to achieve the same opportunities, and improve the quality of life for all people with hearing impairments and their families. APANDA headquarters is in Cartagena, Murcia. Thanks to IFUR is fastened to the pedagogues of the association and an AED Philips intalarán, substantially improving patient safety.
The Tennis Club Torre Pacheco was born in 1972 , and its founding president D. Garre Alfonso Alcaraz. In sporting terms , Pedro José Madrid Left the current President , has successfully addressed such important events as an ITF Futures , both championships of Spain in cadet category or coverage of the Davis Cup semifinals in 2009. Installed on Roland Road , opposite the sports center , the CT Torre Pacheco occupies an area of ​​approximately 6,000 m2 . Founded as a tennis club is currently also on the modalities federated paddle sports , skiing , football and cycling. It has 481 full members and 165 federal licenses , national competition team competition nine regional teams . Each year its three tournaments Tracks host regional and national Open . In 2008 organized an ATP Futures and Spain Championship in Cadet category. Making all his monitors and teachers in basic CPR and AED use .
The Association of Parents of Children with Hearing and Language (ASPANPAL) is a nonprofit entity, declared a public utility, which is federated to the Federation of Associations of Parents of Children with Disabilities Sensory Auditory of the Region of Murcia (FASEN ) and confederated with the Spanish Confederation of Families of the Deaf (FIAPAS). The association trains its speech therapists and incorporates Philpis DESA and improving safety in the center cardioseguridad by IFUR. Congrats!
The pilgrimage of "The Morenica" (Virgin of Fuensanta) is a traditional celebration and massive, congregating pilgrims from all over the southeast Spanish. The pilgrimage procession of the Virgin on his return, the Cathedral of Murcia al Fuensanta Sanctuary, located in the hamlet of ALGEZARES, about 7 km from the capital, during which it is traditional rain flower petals The surroundings of the Sanctuary, which is open all night from Monday to Tuesday, is filled with faithful await the arrival of the Virgin while dance and sing folk groups in honor of the patron. The area around the temple was flooded with the first pilgrims, who spend the night on the mountain in a fraternal, full of joy and traditions. The seven hills preceding the sanctuary knees are traversed by many faithful.

The Director of IFUR with Juan Alvarez and Jorge Gomez in Pinups & Motorcycle Expo on the Loom 1883. Always IFUR culture.

IFUR Half Marathon certifies as Cardiac Safe Space Murcia, the first in the Murcia Region.

Certifies IFUR Half Marathon XXXIV as Sports activity cardiac safe space Murcia. And to celebrate, all those participants who submit their dorsal and IFUR prospectus for receiving the finish will apply a 25% discount on any of the courses we offer. IFUR and sport, always together.

The Director Manager of IFUR by the nursing team in the intervening Half Marathon XXXIV of Murcia, with the AED and rapid response medical team, credited as the first race cardiac safe space in the Region of Murcia.

The main objective of this conference is to study the most important basic components affecting the guarantors of legality in the exercise of their functions when they develop under tension and stress.

Steward Control specializes in service for public events and large events, admission, crowd control, infrastructure and pipeline workers in all types of events and thanks to its offer is IFUR include cardiac safe space events.

Redseven booth at the International Tourism Fair FITUR in Spain 2013 will cardíac safe space and have a semi-automatic defibrillator-AED thank IFUR. 

Images of semi-automatic defibrillator-AED at Fitur Redseven booth. We also have certified personnel for use and handling.

Here's a preview of the new work we hand. This is a poster-poster IFUR. The poster is what made ​​our friends Juan Alvarez Montalvan and Jorge Juan Gómez Cáceres, painters Murcia ringside.

IFUR and Redseven have reached an agreement to convert into a cardiac safe space its biker restaurant, where you can also rent Harley-Davidson bikes and purchase  bikers' clothes and accessories. This restaurant located in Arganda del Rey in Madrid, is the first restaurant convert cardiac safe space.

IFUR with the medical team of the Red Cross Association in La Union Murcia. Composed of doctors, nurses and health technicians and photographed after donation by IFUR medical equipment necessary for the provision of ambulance.

This past Sunday, on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of Volunteering, the NGOs of the importance of Red Cross in La Union held their main events on an annual basis. The Old Public Market hosted the meeting organized by the Red Cross which were handed certificates to the active partners with more than 25 years old and those people and organizations that have excelled in their support for this institution. When completed, by the Research and Training company in the ER (IFUR), we proceeded to the Red Cross donation of a defibrillator monitor for equipping your ambulance. The meeting was attended by our mayor, Francisco Bernabé, accompanied by members of the Municipal Corporation.

IFUR association collaborates with the Red Cross Hon. City of La Union. Sponsor IFUR care unit of the organization providing advanced life support equipment, training and logistical support at any time.

IFUR has exclusivity Life Ladder The ladder. Give a revolutionary vertical transport system, incorporating attached to the facade of any building in separate modules interconnections with each other. Its innovative opening system, its robustness and its strong attachment graphs provide a maneuvering space of sufficient size and free movement, ideal for vertical evacuation of people in emergency situations. Also firemen access is possible through the ladder deployed from inside the building. Without electricity bill. Very low cost of installation and easy maintenance. It can be used in buildings already built or new construction. Quick and safe opening and use of the ladder.

IFUR and the Asociación de Formación y Estudios Policiales (AFEP) have entered into a master collaboration agreement to mutually promote their educational programs by exchanging their respective teaching programs. This way, IFUR will complement its own portfolio of courses with AFEP’s training programs who, in turn, will also include and organize among its students IFUR’s ones. In addition to the abovementioned, this master collaboration agreement will also enable both institutions to perform activities of mutual interest such as conferences, workshops, seminars, R&D proyects, etc, with “the aim of increasing and benefitting their respective training programs and meeting the needs of their own students by performing activities with impact in their respective field of knowledge”.
Philips Healthcare develops equipment for cardiac care since 1961 and has not stopped innovating until today, becoming the leading global defibrillators. Add to it the second global medical company and the inventor of AED in 1996. For these reasons and in order to offer its customers the highest quality products and the latest technological innovations in health, obtains authorization IFUR official distributor of automated external defibrillators-AED which produces the Dutch multinational.

IFUR identifies itself with the style and elegance characteristic of the garments designed by Purificación García. Purificación García understands fashion as a universal language that should meet the day-to-day needs. She opts for neutral colours and is specially interested in fabrics, "because their touch show me their movements and suggest me the relevant proportions, and because they are the authentic innovation in fashion". By respecting the details and returning to classic, she struggles to dedramatise the established protocols, releasing garments of their usual corseting. Customizing the details, she thinks in someone who has something to say and something to discover about himself. For these reasons, IFUR has resorted to this fashion company to dress all its research, educational and events' staff.

For a cardio secure city. The City Council will sign a cooperation agreement with IFUR in order to design and study programs for municipal areas. The Murcia City Council has given the green light to a collaboration agreement with Investigación y Formación en Urgencias, SL (IFUR) to carry out the design and study of cardiosecurity programs in the city of Murcia. The City of Murcia, through the Department of Health, headed by María del Carmen Pelegrin, is doing important work in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases through the development of various programs that emphasize specifically on smoking, overweight and development of physical activity. To complete these preventive tasks, a study will be conducted to analyze and detect areas to be more intensely influenced when acting against such ailments.

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Certificate of Registration of Business, with No ER-0657/2012, dated 23.07.2012 in recognition and evidence of conformity of management system with the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008.

IFUR has obtained the approval to provide training in prevention of occupational risks granted by the Construction Education Foundation. Thus, IFUR may issue the Professional Construction Workers Card o those attending to the various training activities.

IFUR and the Hospital de Molina have presented an agreement of collaboration to convert the hospital into a cardiosafe space. Additionally with this agreement the Hospital de Molina can access to the latest advancements in science related to the clinical practice, as well as to the training catalogue of the AHA and the training courses facilitated by the EFHRE, the European Foundation for Health Research and Education, both of international recognition

IFUR and the Spanish Association of Emergency AEM112 sign a collaboration agreement to promote training and education in urgencies, emergencies and their prevention. IFUR, has been established as a Training Site AEM112-AHA and can convey the 97 AHA courses of the AEM112 catalog. Training received trough IFUR will have official international recognition, additional to the scientific and medical interest for being integrated in the EFHRE (European Foundation For Health Research And Education).

IFUR is the official provider of health care training for Hospital de Molina.

The Homologación y Autorización de Acciones, Proyectos, Programación y Justificación Economica department (Homologation and Authorization of Actions, Projects, Programs and Economic Justification) of the Consejería de Educación, Formación y Empleo (Ministry of Education, Training and Employment) of the Murcia Region has elaborated a favorable rapport in which IFUR is registered as an authorized training entity, ascribing entity code E1466.

AENOR from its delegation in the Region of Murcia, announces the initiaton of the process of certification, according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System of IFUR.

IFUR is associated and registered partnering for a better world of the Organization of the United Nations, UN. Cooperation guidelines between the United Nations and the private business branch.

IFUR participates in the XXXIII Media Maraton de Murcia and to celebrate this event we will give a discount to all participants of 55 % on any training course, presenting the IFUR information leaflet . IFUR and sports, always together.

IFUR is authorized to impart training courses in the use of automated external defibrillator AED, by the Dirección General de Salud Pública de la Región de Murcia (Public Health Department of the Murcia region).

Training courses imparted through IFUR destined to health care workers are validated for public selection proceses, job vacancies, internal promotions, etc. by the Comisión de Formación Continuada de las Profesiones Sanitarias (Comission of Continouos Education for health care workers)

IFUR and the journal ‘Puesta al día en Urgencias, Emergencias y Catástrofes’, of ARAN editorial group sign an agreement to collaborate in promoting research and training in urgencies-emergencies, in order to facilitate the labor of professionals in this field.

IFUR hands over diplomas to participants in "First Aid for Motorcyclists" on the occasion of the presentation of the new chapter of the Harley Owners Group, HOG, Steel Usa Chapter Murcia Spain. In collaboration with the official Harley-Davidson dealer Steel Usa in Murcia.

The medical information on this site is provided solely for educational and training purposes and does not intend to replace the opinions, advices and recommendations of health institutions and experts.

Decisions on health must be taken by healthcare professionals, considering the unique characteristics of each patient.



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