The project began in 2012 with the need to fight against sudden death and the lack of social awareness of this problem. We implemented the continuation of the "Murcia Ciudad Cardiosegura" project together with the Ayto. De Murcia and now we continue with the sum of private, public and private companies that are aware. Now you can join us and help us with its disclosure. Collaborate!

The IFUR Foundation has the following general objectives

  1. Promote both the existence of assistance systems for emergencies, emergencies, catastrophes and Cardiosecurity that cover the entire population, such as the establishment of the specialty of medicine, nursing and emergency and emergency technicians, as well as its development, in accordance with the legal provisions established for this purpose, creating a center of attention to form and inform.
  2. Ensure the quality of assistance as well as the social recognition and professional dignity of the groups involved.
  3. Promote Cardiosecure Space and healthy life.
  4. Collaborate with associations, societies, working groups and national and international organizations whose purposes are common or concurrent with those of this foundation.
  5. Any other purposes of an analogous nature that may be determined by the board.

Within these objectives, the following will be the most important and immediate concrete activities:

  1. Continuous training of the personnel of the intervening teams of these disciplines.
  2. Promote research in emergency assistance, emergencies and disasters as well as promote the stimulation and organization of scientific meetings.
  3. Promotion of the dissemination of basic knowledge of emergency medicine and emergencies to the rest of the intervening teams and to the population in general, granting scholarships, grants and prizes to research and training.
  4. Sponsor and / or edit scientific publications related to the field of emergencies, emergencies, catastrophes and health Cardioseguridad, to which effect the Central Board of Directors may set up a Drafting Council.

Become an Associate Member of the IFUR Foundation


Price subscription natural year

  • Medicine (including residents): € 150
  • Nursing and Physiotherapy: € 120
  • TCAE, TES, TER: € 100
  • NSCA, CAFD, INEF: € 150
  • Firemen: € 100
  • FF.CC.SS.: € 100
  • Forestry agent: € 100
  • Honorary collaborator, one payment. (Life Member): € 800


The affiliation to the IFUR Foundation supposes, among others, the following advantages:

  • Online access to Foundation publications
  • Annual welcome gift
  • Training free in CPR and AED management including recycling
  •  Bimonthly delivery of publications by ordinary mail, upon request
  • Program distribution of IFUR Foundation activities, both nationally and regionally with discounts of 20% in all registration fees, and free for honorary collaborators
  • Access to restricted resources on web page
  • Premium members will have a free course per year from the catalog



It is very important that you fill in correctly all the fields marked with an asterisk so that you can process your registration as a member. To make an anonymous donation, you must make an entry in the bank account with IBAN code ES54 0073 0100 5604 8840 0209 of the Openbank indicating the concept "Help to the project Cardiac Safe Space - Espacio Cardioseguro"

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The sale of the following objects is intended for training projects with purposes within the objectives of the IFUR Foundation

Manuals on Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and the management of the Defibrillator, in English and Spanish. RCP and DESA. for € 10 each.

Customize your Mac with IFUR the pictorial image of Murcia painters Juan Álvarez and Jorge Gómez. € 50

Covers custom for iPhone. € 20

Coffee cups, tea your favorite beverage, Get Them € 20

Bag kit First Aid and CPR Basic Élitebags Bags. € 150 Equipped

Lady shirt 100% cotton 130gr. € 20

Men's Shirts 100% cotton 130gr. € 20

Baseball cap 100% cotton with embroidered logo. € 20

The medical information on this site is provided solely for educational and training purposes and does not intend to replace the opinions, advices and recommendations of health institutions and experts.

Decisions on health must be taken by healthcare professionals, considering the unique characteristics of each patient.



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