Contract your the best event you have seen from € 299,99

IFUR Events presents you: "Supinum" of Jumilla in El Lagar de Las Puntillas. Excellent short-term husbandry of Monastrel and Cabernet Sauvignon

Municipal Sports Joseph Barnes from 19:00 to 20:00 in Murcia. Free access




Essence Project VIII. Was a privilege extraordinarily dressed in Murcia Hispano Restaurant, the gastronomic temple of my friend Balta Abellan. And I do talk about architecture with two of the best architects in Spain there: Ernest Berkhout and Fernando de Retes. IFUR and Hemingway Fan Club still betting culture. Publicado en Generación Fenix

Essence VII project. Magnificent encounter at the restaurant La Ermita, managing Narciso, David and Manolo so carefully, with Jose Perez Vigueras IFUR Managing Director. An extraordinary man who is willing to make an open, participatory and effective management ... A pleasure to eat in !!! Thanks to IFUR to make these meetings possible ..

Essence Project VI. Today eating with Maria Martinez Lozano Fuensanta DIRCOM at the College of Pharmacists of Murcia and Belen Fernandez Delgado First Vice President of the Regional Assembly of Murcia. And it was memorable times we spent together. The restaurant La Cava, in Sewell, with a varied, delicious and beautifully served food, the event has occurred. Historical moment! Publicado en Generación Fenix

Essence Project V. The Restaurant 'El Sordo' Ricote, talked to Javier Navarro, President of the Association of Directors of the Region of Murcia, and Manuela Marín, President of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of the Region of Murcia. The banquet that Jesus served us, Chef and Owner of this legendary restaurant, has been exceptional.
Essence IV Project - In the Sewer fanfare yesterday ate deli and restaurant dishes to dream! Speaking of contemporary art with José Pérez, Victorio Melgarejo, Nicholas of Maya (painter and sculptor Murcia) and Pedro Alberto Cruz Sánchez (Councillor of Culture).  Nothing more rewarding than joining passions, friends and haute cuisine! A treat! Thanks to Paco for being a Chef and owner off the charts! Publicado en Generación Fenix
Essence III Project. Today eating pure and scandal, and interviewing my extraordinary friend Ramon Aviles, Director of Communications and Press Officer of CROEM in Murcia. Delicacies and pairing anthology have been here in the Rincon Huertano of Murcia. However, the best, the staff, the chef, the floor leader and the owner, Miguel, who made us feel at home ... Publicado en Generación Fenix

Essence II Project. In this restaurant, El Palmar, eats you can not stand ... Here today between red shrimp, octopus baked veal, flank tuna roe and grilled Latvian, reserve wines and English gintonics interviewing Santiago Sanchez, PhD in Journalism, Dircom and Chief of Protocol and External Relations of the English Court! ... on The Hill

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Essence I Project. New Project begins interviewing friends from the world of economics and culture, while eating in upscale restaurants in the region ... Today, in Monteagudo Restaurant, Valentine Izquierdo, economist and deputy secretary specializing in Economic Studies Chamber of Commerce of Murcia and Isabel García, Head of Training and educator for 28 years of the Chamber of Commerce makes Murcia Publicado en Generación Fenix

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I Safety Congress "Consistency, Timeliness and Proportionality" March 11 and 12, 2013 Hall of the FREMM in Murcia


Police actions under tension and stress. Analysis of the principles necessary Congruence, opportunity and proportionality.Congress will be the first Cardiac Safe Space Certified.


conference program
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