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Swift from € 69,99


The Swift is a distinctive cabinet for indoor AED storage and comes with a true Rotaid look and feel. The opening mechanism is similar to our other products: just a quick twist to the left is needed to open the cabinet. The cover comes off completely and provides full access to the AED. We have enlarged the window to make sure the AED and its indicator are visible at all times. An adjustable stand allows placement of AEDs of all sizes and we also offer our optional audible alarm.

Security models Flash model now with a 20% discount at € 1.99

CE Marking It complies with standards EN 166: Referred to all individual eye protectors used against the various hazards of damaging them or altering their vision. X-rays, laser emissions and infrared rays emitted by low-temperature sources are excluded. EN 170: This European Standard specifies the protection classes and the specifications relating to the transmission coefficient of the filters for protection against ultraviolet radiation. Different colors

Enjoy Alma Suecos-professional shoe at the best price € 41,99


ALMA is the new sports model that incorporates our exclusive Health Tech ™ technology. This system integrates an ergonomic design and breathable materials of last generation in order to achieve a shoe that improves the health and well-being of those who seek comfort in their daily lives. Alma has a Scandinavian design, of tendency and functional, destined to offer all the protagonism to the person who takes it


1 or 2 online courses of first aid and/or of CPR and handling of DESA from € 4.99


From two options: An online course to choose between 2 possibilities for € 4.99. Two online courses to choose between 2 possibilities for € 8.99. Details of the courses: First aid. CPR course and DESA management, Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation and semi-automatic defibrillator management

Readings perfect upgrade for only € 39.99


Finally back to the routine with the best readings to relax for only € 39.99 A selection from the collection of emergency and opposition at a very special price only for a year. The best readings to return to the tranquility and relax with the best Books. The books are sold separately € 9.99 Promise excludes spanish versions. The free delivery from € 19 purchase for Spain. See payment and shipping. One offer per person.


100 Places to learn CPR at 80% discount for € 19,99


We took 100 places to access the Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation course and management of the Defibrillator fulfilling the objectives of the R.D. 349/2007 of 9 of November of the Region of Murcia of 12h, still exceptional price for € 19,99. Bases of the offer: Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation book and Defibrillator management with the latest AHA 2016 recommendations. Personal mask for insufflations. You can get the two items at in our offices or Amazon. Do not go without them !. More info at ifur@ifur.es

CPR Pocket Mask. CE marking, this product complies with the requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC and as amended by Directive 2007/47 / EC.

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