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"Espacio Cardioseguro - Cardiac Safe Space is the place that provides all of the necessary human and material to assist a person in the first few minutes after cardiac arrest face"
"You can suffer cardiac arrest at any time, anywhere"
In Spain it is estimated that each year there are more than 35,000 cardiac arrests, equivalent of one every 18 minutes cardiac arrest. In turn, more than 85% of sudden deaths are of cardiac origin, 90% of them occur outside a health center and only 5% survive without sequelae. Sudden death is sudden, usually due to ventricular fibrillation (VF) cardiac arrhythmia whose only treatment is early defibrillation. Defibrillation is an electrical treatment at a predetermined intensity, along with proper basic CPR maneuver increases the chances of survival in cases of sudden death.

Know how and safety

The semi-automatic defibrillators assumed to be generated the concept of "public access defibrillation" based on deductive reasoning: "If early defibrillation improves survival from sudden cardiac death, increasing the availability and allows access to defibrillators defibrillation faster and therefore a better prognosis of its consequences ". You must install a semiautomatic defibrillator (AED) and train its leaders anywhere in public, such as places of public passenger transport, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, etc.. Also, in areas where persons with an added risk, for example in sports centers. Additionally, we recommend installation in special isolation points or places of difficult access for emergency equipment, such as air or sea transport, where if a cardiac arrest death is almost inevitable because of the unavailability of trained personnel and a semi-automatic defibrillator (AED).

Why do Cardiac Safe Space?

The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends the installation of semi-automatic defibrillator (AED) in any area where there is possibility of concentration of individuals. Nowadays die due to sudden death syndrome, four times as many people because of traffic accidents. The first 10 minutes after suffering a cardiac arrest are crucial to the survival and morbidity of the victim. Ensures that these places are staffed with qualified training and equipment necessary to provide an immediate and effective response to a cardiac arrest until arrival at of Health Emergency Services.

How to obtain a Certificate of Cardiac Safe Space "Espacio Cardioseguro"

Following the internationally accepted and recognized protocols and the results of our research projects, IFUR has established certiain requirements which observance permits the access to our Cardiac Safe Space Certificate. The requirements to protect yourcompany or business locations against heart attacks are:


The Decalogue IFUR on Cardiac Safe Space - Cardioseguridad

  1. The defibrillator.IFUR not recommended nor discouraged any particular brand or model, but we can help you decide on the AED that best suits your needs
  2. The cabin. The cabinet containing the defibrillator should be safe, reliable and compact, revealing inside. so we recommend the box ABS plastic recycling and reusable many times
  3. Liability Insurance. Compulsory liability insurance of at least € 100,000, including theft and malpractice by the inappropriate use of DESA
  4. Installation. DESA. Location in your cabin will be in sight and within parameters recommended time and distance, including signage
  5. Training in CPR and DESA management. Depending on the specific rules of each Autonomous Community, but with 6 minimum hours of practice
  6. Maintenance of the appliance. The device will be reviewed periodically by professionals IFUR
  7. Development of protocols. Is important to the development of emergency protocols where they can demonstrate knowledge and real case demostarlos effectively as megacodes and drills
  8. Continuing education. According to the biannual legislation annually or certified staff
  9. Certification and documentation. Once passed the requirements, the official documentation is presented and delivered the certificate
  10. Periodic reviews. The above conditions periodically to monitor the implementation of all the requirements to obtain the certificate will be reviewed

Once your company complies with all the above requirements, you will be given a plate with Cardiac Safe Space Certificate that can be placed in a visible place.  If you wish, IFUR can handle all the steps and procedures that the certification process entails. You do no need to worry about anything and you may get it with no cost for your company. Ask us and we will explain you how. 

IFUR can certify your Cardiac Safe Space

Research and Training in Emergencies can certify any Cardiac Safe Space. Fulfilling a few simple requirements, from your business, trade, gym or facilities to a celebration or time event, can register as Cardiac Safe Space. We have the necessary European and international guarantees. We are the only company that can certify. This is endorsed and approved by certification.



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