After months of hard work, we have achieved an infallible solution that will offer customers the best training platform in urgencies, emergencies and catastrophes

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Welcome to IFUR - Research and Training in Urgencies S.L.

IFUR offers professional services in the field of research, training in Emergencies, Emergencies and Catastrophes. We are leaders in the Emergency, Emergencies and Catastrophes sector and our staff has led international rescue teams in earthquakes and other disasters. We have the best specialized teachers in all the training areas related to the various professionals in the sector. Our courses are eminently practical, where the professional can see in situ the real demonstrations that can be presented in the normal development of their work.

IFUR is one of the most important corporate research companies in its sector. IFUR offers exclusive professional services in legal services, as well as the organization of congresses and events for our premium clients. We develop new technologies and investigate areas of potential growth in Emergencies, Emergencies and Catastrophes. Our ontology is that all innovation must be preceded by an understanding of the world around us. To improve the quality of life of citizens, we try to discover what their motivations are, the dilemmas they face and how we can contribute in the best possible way.


In IFUR we are particularly aware of the lack of knowledge in society when reacting to situations of health emergencies, which is why an area of ​​special relevance for us is the IFUR Foundation for creation of Cardiac Safe Spaces - Cardioseguros, fostering access to basic knowledge to reduce mortality in case of heart failure and promoting early access to defibrillation.

The medical information on this site is provided solely for educational and training purposes and does not intend to replace the opinions, advices and recommendations of health institutions and experts.

Decisions on health must be taken by healthcare professionals, considering the unique characteristics of each patient.



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